Manned Underwater Vehicles

The S302 Dry Combatant Submersible (DCS) is a swimmer lockout submersible capable of operating from a submarine or independently. Building on the design of the sister submersible S301, the S302 incorporates many design enhancements that improve overall performance. The submersible has two watertight sections; a forward compartment which contains the swimmer transport/lockout compartment, and an aft compartment that serves as the Pilot/Navigator operating station using a common platform wide Command System. The S302 has a crew of two and can transport and lock in/lockout up to six swimmers or other mission payloads. There are two hatches; a swimmer lockout hatch in the forward compartment and an upper hatch in the aft compartment for access alongside a pier or jetty. The S302’s innovative submersible design demonstrates MSubs continued ability to anticipate and rapidly respond to customer requirements.

S302 / Specifications

Length 9.5 m
Beam 2 m
Weight 13,6 tonnes
Operating Depth 92 m
Crew 2
Cruising speed submerged 10 knots
Range 60 nautical miles (Range can be extended with alternative high energy density battery systems exclusively designed by MSubs)
Endurance (Life support) ~ 24 hours mission duration; 96 hours reserve life support
Payload 0.9 tonne / 6 passenger-divers