MSubs’ engineers design our manned submersibles using state-of-the-art design practices. Assembly and testing is performed by a combined team of MSubs engineers, and technicians, and SG’s pilots, operators, and maintenance experts. All manned submersibles are designed & built to the highest quality and international class standards. At the owner’s request, MSubs will deliver the submersible in class by DNV-GL, providing owners and their insurers an extra measure of confidence in the safety of MSubs’ submersibles.


MSubs Ltd (Marlin Submarines Ltd.) has been designing, manufacturing and operating high-quality manned submarines and submersibles since 1986.  MSubs’ early diesel-electric submarines S101, S102, and S103 focused on ease-of-use and were operated as private pleasure craft, scientific research vessels, and military training vessels.  In the 90’s MSubs designed and built submersibles for use as private pleasure craft, blockbuster movie production and scientific research.  More recently, MSubs has designed, built, and operated specialised submersibles supporting diver lock-out and long-endurance operations as scientific research vessels and military vessels.


The (S351) NEMESIS Dry Combatant Submersible (DCS) is a swimmer lockout submersible capable of operating independently or from a host ship. Designed to answer the need for a long-range dry combat submersible, Nemesis incorporates many design innovations that improve overall capability, enhance vehicle and swimmers’ operational effectiveness.


“Navy Cmdr. Keith Oswald of SOCOM ATL says U.S. Navy SEALs will soon have an impressive new “tool in their toolkits” — dry combat submersibles. SEAL Delivery Vehicles have historically subjected America’s special operations forces to hours of cramped and cold travel on their way to an objective.


The S361 diver lock-out mini-submarine provides a medium payload, long range and long endurance. S361 incorporates all of the lessons learned from our prior diver lock-out submersibles, and it provides an outstanding capability to deploy, launch, and operate anywhere in the world.


S301 is a proof-of-concept prototype dry swimmer delivery submersible, built to assess the practicality of a vehicle of this format.

Fully operational, the vehicle is built to commercial standards and underwent initial dock trials in Plymouth during June 2009. S301 is classed by DNVGL.


The S302 Dry Combatant Submersible (DCS) is a swimmer lockout submersible capable of operating from a submarine or independently. Building on the design of the sister submersible S301, the S302 incorporates many design enhancements that improve overall performance. The submersible has two watertight sections; a forward compartment which contains the swimmer transport/lockout compartment, and an aft compartment that serves as the Pilot/Navigator operating station using a common platform wide Command System.


The S303 submersible is the latest successor in our light diver lock-out class of submersibles. With improved performance over its parent craft the S301, it provides an easily transportable submersible submarine dry shelters, on the deck of small diesel-electric submarines, as well as on smaller surface ships with cranes.


S201 is an 8.9 tonne vehicle intended for 48hr operation at depths up to 305m. This project is an example of our rapid prototyping capabilities. From outline specification to launch took just 14 months. Dived performance is maximised by attention to streamlining of the outer hull and by the use of advanced motor technology to directly drive the main propeller.


The S401 diver lock-out mini-submarine provides a large payload, long range, and extended endurance. Flexibility in the design allow the trade-off of additional passengers/payload with additional battery pods, allowing customers to optimise the performance characteristics for their particular needs. The S401 is the culmination of all the lessons learned in prior electric, diesel-electric, and diver lock-out submersibles.