MSubs’ Unmanned Vehicles are designed to be affordable and easy to operate and maintain. Our UUV hull designs are based on our manned submersibles, enabling most systems and components to be within the pressure hull. This enables MSubs UUV’s to be maintained and replenished without recovery, reducing turnaround time. Additionally, by utilising Submergence Group’s SUBNAVSYS integrated bridge system, MSubs’ larger UUVs can be operated either manned or unmanned.

MSubs is also the distributer of Martac Mantas hybrid and surface ASV’s. The range spans from the lightweight and readily portable to extreme-performance, large-payload, ocean-going vessels.


MSUBS is a leader in UUV technology and has amassed an enviable portfolio of successfully delivered projects for Maritime Protection and Naval Defence applications.


The Mobile Anti-Submarine Training Target (MASTT) Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) was built in response to the US Navy’s request for a rapid prototype, low cost UUV for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) training. It also provides an optimum platform for conducting threat detection analysis training as well as countermeasure and torpedo system testing.

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MORAY is a multi-role XLUUV system designed for sea-denial and maritime domain awareness operations. Modular in design, it can be configured for specific ASW, ASuW, MCM, ISR offensive and defensive roles in all threat environments. An inherently covert sensor, MORAY draws on proven in-service technologies to deliver a versatile force multiplier at a fraction of the cost of a manned system.

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The Mobile Under Sea Test Laboratory (MUST) Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) was developed and built by modifying and updating a decommissioned, large diameter UUV previously built and operated by Lockheed Martin. MUST was re-launched in September 2012 and participated in a week long Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) exercise with the Royal Navy.

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S201 is an 8.9 tonne vehicle intended for 48hr operation at depths up to 305m. This project is an example of our rapid prototyping capabilities. From outline specification to launch took just 14 months. Dived performance is maximised by attention to streamlining of the outer hull and by the use of advanced motor technology to directly drive the main propeller.

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MSUBS offers advanced multi-role autonomous systems that offer levels of capability that simply cannot be matched by manned vessels and their crew.


Small, lightweight, high-performance, man-portable systems with all-day endurance. While the X-Class are primarily designed for harbour-based and near-shore operations, their impressive sea state capabilities mean they are capable ocean-going craft as well.


The T6 is the smallest and lightest vehicle in its class. At just two meters in length and 36 kg in weight, it is also our most portable craft. With a top-speed of 45 kts, a cruise range of up to 35 kts and payload capacity of 7 kg, it is also extremely capable.

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The T8 offers a compelling balance of size and capability. At 2.5 m in length and weighing in at just 70 kg, it is easily man-portable and yet offers almost twice the cruise range of the T6 and more than double the payload capacity. The T8 reaches maximum speeds of 30 kts in conditions in excess of Sea State 3.

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The larger of the three X-Class vessels, the T12 offers 30 hours station-keeping time and payloads up to 64 kg. Its cruise range extends to 60 nm and conditions exceeding Sea State 4. At 3.6 m in length and just 118 kg, it remains extremely portable.

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Harbour, Fleet and Medium Class

Sized between 7 and 15 meters, these larger ocean-going vessels have been designed for multi-day deployments, incredible performance and substantial payloads.

T24 Harbour Class

At just seven meters in length and 3,500 kg in weight, the T24 is a readily deployable yet highly capable platform. It can carry a payload of 817 kg at speeds up to 50 kts. With five-day endurance, 400 nm range and Sea State 4+ handling, it is ideally suited to long-range coastal and ocean deployments.

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T38 Fleet Class

The T38 Fleet Class is the smallest craft in the range that is capable of deployments in Sea State 5 and above. Its 500 nm range, impressive 80 kts burst-speed and 2,000 kg payload capability make it perfect for ocean-going missions with a round-trip distance of up to 750 nm.

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T50 Medium Class

The T50 is the most capable vessel in the fleet. It is capable of carrying a 4,500 kg payload at speeds up to 80 kts in conditions in excess of Sea State 5. With a range of 1,000 nm and seven-day endurance, it offers capability simply impossible from a manned craft.

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Pioneering, AI-Powered, fully-autonomous, surface vessels.

Mayflower Autonomous Ship

MSubs is proud to be playing a leading role in the Mayflower Autonomous Ship project that aims to complete the first fully-autonomous crossing of the Atlantic in early 2021. Sister-company Marine AI, partnered with IBM, is providing the ground-breaking AI software while MSubs is providing the design, engineering and manufacturing.