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Triton 1000/2

Triton 1000/2 is a 2 man submersible, built by US Submarines in Vero Beach, Florida and designed specifically for deployment from mega-yachts.

The first Triton has been delivered to the host vessel 'Mine Games', where it is now fully operational and has completed a number of dives to the maximum operating depth of 305m.

The concept and design of the vehicle was contracted to Marlin Submarines. Marlin also produced the GRP tooling and the specialised valves for the soft tanks and variable ballast system as well as the custom hydraulic mechanisms used for the dropweight and manipulator eject systems.

The highly manoeuvrable 3,000 kg vehicle will be stationed aboard the luxury yacht to be used by the owner for science and archaeology. The design and construction complies with ABS standards, including the stringent 762mm freeboard requirement resulting in massive reserve buoyancy and high stability whilst on the surface.


Triton 1000/2 Characteristics

  • Length: 3.0m
  • Beam: 3.0m
  • Weight: 3,000kg
  • Operating Depth: 305m
  • Surfaced Speed: 2kts
  • Submerged Speed: 2.5kts
  • Crew Complement: 2