underwater vehicles & equipment


Mobile Undersea Systems Test Laboratory (MUST) was built by Lockheed Martin in the 1980s to conduct scientific research underwater.

The vessel operated for a few years before being decommissioned and left in a 'boneyard', where it remained until recently.

In 2012 MSubs performed a rapid refit of the vessel, replacing the entire electrical system and restoring the hull and exterior systems in a 3 month period. Once complete, MUST underwent sea trials from Plymouth Sound, followed by her first commercial operation.


Available for Hire

MUST is available for hire. She is capable of, but not limited to the following uses:

  • Survey work with your choice of sensors.
  • Carrying equipment too large for a conventional UUV, at a lower cost than a manned submersible.
  • Use as a target drone for testing sonar systems and training operators.

For more information please contact MSubs.


MUST on arrival at MSubs.

MUST refit concept design.

MUST refit complete, awaiting sea trials.